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“As I got older, I started noticing my hands more than anything. I’m constantly using them with my job and at home, so they were always visible to me. The veins and sun spots really bothered me so I decided to get hand rejuvenation. I’m feeling much more confident and happy with my hands.” – Darcey G.

“My hands started aging quickly and I began noticing bulging veins that really aged me. I saw hand rejuvenation techniques on the news and came into Body Beautiful for the Radiesse filler treatment. I was amazed at how fast the treatment worked. My hands were smooth instantly and it was painless. I will definitely do again! – Lucy V.

Thanks Body Beautiful for fixing my ugly brown spots! They covered my forehead all the way to my hands and they were really aging me. I’m so happy I found out how to remove sun spots! It was definitely worth it! – Jamie B.

“I take good care of my health overall but I realized that I left my hands out of the mix. I forgot to apply sunscreen for years, not realizing my hands were always getting sun. I tried the photofacial treatment for sun spots and after 3 treatments, my hands look smooth and young again. Thanks, Body Beautiful!” – Ray L




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