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Expert Professionals Facial TreatmentOur medically trained staff of expert professionals want you to fully understand how each procedure we use works. We continue to educate ourselves regularly to make sure we are providing you with the most up to date information and expertise our industry provides. Here are a few steps on what to expect when you come and see us for one of our customized treatments.

Q: How is the facial procedure done?

A: A facial involves a few basic steps:

  1. The cleanser is used 2 times in the first 15 minutes to remove superficial oils and dirt.
  2. A skin analysis, where the esthetician will place eye pads over the eyes and look with close detail through a brightly lit magnifying lamp.
  3. Exfoliation starts with a steam vapor that is directed at your face, then manually.
  4. Extractions of blackheads and surface acne (if you want and it’s suitable for your skin type). Extractions, if done improperly can cause broken capillaries, scarring, and even change the color of the skin. Sometimes the extractions can feel uncomfortable or slightly unpleasant. Each person can handle extractions differently. If done by a medical aesthetic professional, they can be very effective and rewarding.
  5. A facial massage is given during the process to stimulate the facial muscles and help relax you.
  6. A mask is applied to target your skin type (dry, oily, combination, sensitive, mature)
  7. Application of toners and protective creams.
  8. Advice on product recommendations, home care tips from our experts.

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If the microdermabrasion treatment is added to a facial service. The service is simply added to the 50min treatment. (See the facial steps above)
A cleanser is done two times to remove superficial dirt and oil from the skin.
Toner is then applied to dry the skin and remove any excess impurities.
The diamond or crystal tip machine is then used as an exfoliator. The technician will use a technique by making a graph on the face 1-2 times depending on the skin sensitivity.
After the graphing is done the technician will then add another toner or cooling agent, such as a mask to help calm the skin from any irritation.
A moisturizing agent and cellular renewal peptides are added to help replenish the skin that had been exfoliated.

Chemical Peels:

A cleanser is done two times to remove any dirt/oils on the surface of the skin.
Toner is then applied to remove any excess oils and restore the skin’s PH.
Based on your skin type the technician will then apply the peel to the skin. The peel is added in a graph design on the face.
Then on the top of the peel, a retinoc acid is used to finish treatment.

Coconut Hand Scrub

Our scrubs are made of epson salts and organic coconut oil only. This blend of ingredients is specifically made to create a lasting polished feel without using harsh chemicals.

Pre and Post Care for Facials, Microderm & Ultrasound Facial:
Post Treatment Recommendations:

  • Cleanse Carefully
  • Wash with the right products recommended by our professional staff.

Post Treatment Recommendations:

  • Skip the steam room and tanning beds right after a facial, allow 24-48 hours. (Peels and additional treatments may require longer time)
  • Use sunscreen
  • Be especially tender with your skin after extractions, Do Not Pick at or Touch with clean or sterile hand – we don’t want infections. Extractions are sometimes necessary for clearer skin. But they leave your skin vulnerable right after an appointment. Your esthetician will apply soothing and protective products to minimize post-facial breakouts, but avoid using non-sterile make-up applicators.

Pre & Post Recommendation Sheet
FOLLOW-UP appointment:

In order for us to truly know that you received the best care, it is recommended that you schedule a post-treatment appointment to monitor good reactions and results. This further viewing will help us make a more educated decision to help decide a future course of treatment. If it was recommended that more than one session was estimated, this may or may not occur at this time. No matter what, if there are any questions, concerns or issues pertaining to this treatment.



Body Beautiful Laser Medi-spa focuses on photo facial skin rejuvenation and laser wrinkle reduction with products that complement our treatments including our cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers. Additionally, if you’re interested in maximizing the outcome of our powerful laser skin rejuvenation systems, you may want to try a pre or post supplemental treatment such as traditional facials which we would recommend contacting our friends below for that service: 

Facial Directory
Lindy’s at the Beach Tanning Salon & Spa in Hermitage, PA – 724-981-7866.
Purebeauty Salon & Spa in Pittsburgh, PA – 412-282-8400
Wright Place Salon in New Wilmington, PA – (724) 946-9299

For additional information call 724 987 3221

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At the Beach Tanning

Salon & Spa

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Hair (cuts, color, styling, extensions and much more)
Nails (manicures, pedicures, tips, fill-in’s, etc.)
Massage Therapy
Skin Care (includes waxing and facials)
Tanning (conventional beds an d heated spray tans)
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