Everything you need to know about Dermaplaning

Hello and welcome back to Pittsburgh’s Beauty Guide today we’re discussing the Dermaplaning and why we think you’ll like the results from this amazing treatments.

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Ladies and men across the nation and throughout the globe continue receiving their faces “shaved” at local medical spas – but it’s not what it seems. This is a treatment called the dermaplaning method or scalpel facial. If you’re sick of having to remove unwanted peach fuzz or vellus hairs yourself, then the dermaplanig treatment may be for you. The treatment can assist you with getting a more smooth fuzz-free appearance.

Leading cosmetic specialists agree it’s difficult to get rid of vellus peach fuzz hair with traditional methods like waxing or threading. So, many ask “how does the scalpel facial or dermaplaning treatment work”. This method is a non-surgical highly effective exfoliation treatment that removes vellus peach fuzz facial hair and dead skin cells.

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During treatment, a specialized scalpel is used to gently and painlessly remove hairs and leave you with smoother gleaming skin. Utilized in combination with additional skin procedures similar to serums or light dermabrasion the dermaplaning method promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells. And, since dermaplaning involves no chemicals it’s an excellent option for people with delicate skin who can’t undergo procedures that use chemicals. The brightening results are immediate plus it’s generally recommended to use before applying skincare products for better penetration into the top layer of skin.

Patients benefit from getting dermaplaning in many ways including A big reduction in the appearance of fine lines. The lighting and diminishing for acne scarring. The promotion of new skin cell growth. The Unblocking of troublesome blackheads. Dermaplanig helps with a decrease in age and sunspots. It supports and magnifies laser photofacial results and skincare products settle in deeper for excellent penetration and return on investment.

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Dermaplaing at home kits are being promoted on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These do-it-yourself dermaplaning kits are usually not recommended because most people don’t see the results you’d typically get from a professional at a spa. Additionally, performing derma planing at-home may have a higher chance of accidents, irritation, and infections.

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Here is some important information you’ll want to read before getting the dermaplaing treatment. Men or women should shave any coarse hair on the day of treatment. Women or men with only peach fuzz type facial hair shouldn’t shave or exfoliate in the 4 days before their dermaplaning appointment. Followup procedures are advised every 3-4 weeks. Patients with active acne, herpes simplex lesions, cold sores, or current acne spots must avoid dermaplaning treatment. Additionally, you should let your aesthetician know which oral and topical medications you’re taking or using. Dermaplaning side effects are minimal and normally limited to potential temporary redness and/or Some have light tingling or burning sensation.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the dermaplaning treatments we perform. We hope that our articles will help you in your journey to a healthier happier you. If you have any questions about our products or services we encourage you to visit our ask the professional’s page where you can submit your questions and possibly be featured in the article. You can also call us at 724-987-3221 for additional information. 

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