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Have you Heard of CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an innovative body sculpting procedure that allows us to effectively reduce fat without the risky use of anesthesia, needles, or incisions. It springs out the scientific principle that cooling the fatty layer under the skin (subcutaneous fat) will destroy them eliminating the need for needles, incisions, and anesthesia. CoolSculpting can provide safe effective fat reduction to those most stubborn pockets of fat slowly lowering the temp to the point where the fat is safely eliminated. The dead cells are later absorbed and expelled using the body’s natural metabolic processes.

CoolSculpting freeze fat fast

As the medical field continues to expand our knowledge of the human body, there are more and more options out there to effectively remove unwanted fat. Breakthroughs into non-surgical body contouring have significantly reduced the risks of serious side-effects. There are currently several non-surgical fat reduction procedures. Most of the surgery-free fat reduction treatments available using one or more of the following techniques:

CoolSculpting (also known as cryolipolysis) uses a controlled cooling technique to freeze and destroy unwanted fat cells. Injection lipolysis uses a needle to deliver deoxycholic acid to the unwanted fat cells.
Laser lipolysis uses focussed heat and laser energy to target fat cells. Radiofrequency lipolysis employs advanced heating and ultrasound technology to eliminate fat cells. Each of these procedures can help reduce or remove persistent pockets of fat allowing you to optimize the shape and contour of different areas of your body. These modern, non-invasive body shaping procedures are not intended to be a replacement for following a healthy diet or an exercise regiment They’re not a weight loss solution. Perfect candidates for these procedures are at or close to their desired weight yet want to eliminate fat pockets that are not responding to diet and exercise. The majority of successful cases are performed on those whose body mass index is no higher than 30.

What is the CoolSculpting Secret?

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CoolSculpting was born out of the scientific principle of cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis exploits the cells’ natural response to cold temperatures. By removing the heat energy from the subcutaneous fat layer, the cooling process gradually kills the fat while, at the same time, leaving the surrounding important tissue (such as nerves, muscle, and other tissues) unharmed. Over the next 3 months or so, the dead fat cells are broken down and flushed out of the body with the rest of the waste through the lymphatic system. Furthermore, coolsculpting machines use a variety of handpieces for targeting the perfect size these include Cooltone, EmFitness, Cool mini, Cool Advantage plus, Cool max, and Cool smooth. 

What Should I Expect?

The CoolSculpting procedure is simple, safe, and convenient. A doctor, plastic surgeon, or other trained healthcare professional will perform the procedure using a handheld device. The device’s applicators look similar to the different attachments for a vacuum cleaner. During the session, your healthcare provider will apply a gel pad and applicator over the area to be treated. The applicator produces a controlled cooling effect in the targeted layer of fat. The healthcare professional will likely move the device around the region to cover the whole target area. Many attachments have an advanced suction feature that allows it to draw the fat into the device and apply treatment to both sizes of the fold. Some offices have more than one machine. This allows them to treat multiple fat pockets in one visit.

While the overall procedure involves minimal pain, It is not uncommon to experience slight sensations of pulling and pinching during the process. Typically, the provider will gently massage the treated areas directly after treatment. This will help to break up any deep tissue that remains frozen. This way your body will begin to more quickly absorb the destroyed fat cells. Some patients complain that this massage can be mildly unpleasant.
Treatments typically take between one to three hours. During the procedure, people often read, listen to music, or even work on their laptops.

Which Areas Respond well to CoolSculpting?

The beauty of CoolSculpting is that is can be effectively used in dozens of areas across the body. Specialty attachments have been designed to address excess fat in multiple distinct areas. These areas include:

  • arms,
  • bra and back fat,
  • chin area (or double chin),
  • flanks (or love handles),
  • inner and outer thighs,
  • underneath the buttocks (or banana roll) and
  • upper and lower abdomen.

What are the Risks and Side Effects of CoolSculpting?

There are very few body sculpting procedures that are as safe as CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting was originally cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2012. It was first used to help with lipolysis of abdomen and flanks. This procedure is called cold-assisted lipolysis. In the intervening years, CoolSculpting has been cleared by the FDA for use in multiple areas of the body. The procedure’s effectiveness and safety have been repeatedly confirmed by clinical trials performed by the FDA and others. During these clinical trials, no serious adverse reactions were reported. In 2009, a study revealed that cryolipolysis does not increase bloodstream’s fat levels. It was also shown that no significant harm to the liver was noted.

Due to the nature of noninvasive procedures, CoolSculpting has a low rate of risks. Some people complain of minor and short-lived discomforts during the procedure. These can include:

  • aching,
  • cramping,
  • feelings of intense cold,
  • pulling on the skin,
  • stinging and
  • tingling

Eventually, the area will go numb and these discomforts will go away. After the treatment is over, you may experience some short term side effects. They usually go away within 48 to 72 hours. These residual side effects may include:

  • aching,
  • bruising,
  • cramping,
  • redness,
  • skin sensitivity,
  • swelling and
  • tenderness.

You should consult your primary care physician, just as you would with any other medical procedure, to see if CoolSculpting is a good option for you. It is important to understand the risks and benefits of the procedure. If you have Raynaud’s disease or severe sensitivity to cold temperatures, CoolSculpting may not be right for you.

What Does CoolSculpting Cost?

The cost can vary depending on several factors including:

  • the amount of fat in the area, 
  • the size of the treatment area, 
  • the patient’s desired outcome, 
  • the size of the applicator needed, 
  • service or facility charges from the office, 
  • as well as your geographical location. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average cost of a multi-area procedure in 2016 was between $2,000 and $4,000. Work on a smaller areas (such as the upper abdomen or the chin) use a smaller applicator and therefore cost less (roughly $900). While larger areas (like the lower abdominal area) will require a larger applicator. These sessions can cost up to $1,500.

Our Coolsculpting Pricing

Cool 360 and Cool Slim Fat freezing weight loss reduction treatment.Session Time
  Small area - Chin50 minute sessionsNormal 599 - Special 1 paddle $299
  Medium area - Each Love handle 1 paddle | upper or lower abs | each thigh |50 minute sessions
Normal 799 -
Special 1 paddle $399
2 Paddle 375 each
3 Paddle 349 each
4 Paddle 325 each
Session Time
CoolSclupting only available in our Bridgeville office.
  Large areas - Cool Advantage Plus

areas vary, consult is recommended to determine surgical or non-invasive options

45 minute sessions
  Flatter mid-size - leg section - Cool Smooth Pro Various options available
75 minute sessions
  Uneven Mid-sized area - Cool Advantage, Cool MaxMedium to Small
35 minute sessions
  Small areas - Cool MiniSmall
35 minute sessions
Many people see the best results combining injectable and other treatments for dieting or weight loss can complement this treatment

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