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body beautiful logoHere at Body Beautiful Med Center, we want you to be thrilled with the results of your customized treatments! Each treatment is an investment towards the correction or prevention of any issue with your skin and body shape. In order to protect your investment, get the most out of it – here are pre/post care instructions to follow for optimum results!




Woman Post Care Body Beautiful Med Center 8.17.18Schedule 3 to 6 treatments (spaced 3-14 days apart) focusing on a specific area to see more significant results. It is not a good idea to do more than 2 areas during one sitting because your Lymphatic system may not be able to handle more. It is important to remember this is a process. Be patient with your body and allow for some time to reveal your new shape.
You will start to notice, at first, your clothes may start to fit better, the results are gradual but noticeable. Since fat does not weigh a lot, you won’t notice a fast reduction on the scale. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water! Its best to keep drinking water and not watch the scale or the mirror. Also, this treatment is designed to reduce cellulite; not specifically to tighten over-stretched skin. Sagging skin is due to weakened elasticity and we have Lasers that emit Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or resurfacing to help rejuvenate newer, healthier, stronger elasticity to tighten your skin. We also can get rid stretch marks! Inquire within about those treatments. Inquire about those treatments while you are receiving Body Contouring Treatment.

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Most crucial step in this process is major consumption of water to aid in flushing (especially right after treatment) which is why you’ll need to bring your water bottle with you to treatment. You should carry a water bottle around with you and drink whenever you can. You will find that results you want to see will appear sooner by just adhering to THIS step!

There are a few items you’ll want to bring with you and supplements you may want to purchase beforehand prior to coming in for a Body Contouring treatment. Vitamins are very important. We suggest talking with your doctor 1st to approve with your diet.


Supplement Directions Pre and Post Care Supplement Directions:

We have nutraceutical grade daily vitamins and minerals that are recommended for you to try that have helped others reach higher levels of success. It is believed that by giving your body nutritional supplements, it can help where there may be deficits – thus your cravings may reduce. Also, getting one that has great sources of vitamin B complex will help the body to detox.

Niacin- (No flush versions available.) Please only take 1/4 or 1/2 the recommended supplements for the first 2-3 days. You will experience a heat flush, similar to a Hot-Flash; this is good; this is ridding your body of the sludge-like toxins. Usually lasts about a half hour the first time; less each time after that. Try not to scratch; cool bath, shower or compress may help. Niacin helps flush out and detox the body through your lymphatic system.

Niacin is another supplement – necessary because during the actual treatment the laser uses infrared light and radio wave frequency to increase body temperature to 41 degrees Celsius and maintain it. At this temperature, the internal heat begins to breakdown your fat (in the area where laser is applied) and also releases the toxins that have been stored for ages. These trapped toxins inhibit moderate fat metabolization slowing it down and eventually storing it in excess hence the term “trouble spot” (making it almost impossible to release). The now broken down fat needs to be expelled as fuel or excreted through your lymphatic system. Niacin will help flush the toxins.



Supplement Directions workout L- Carnitine 500: Take as your Family Doctor or manufacturer suggests, usually one capsule on the day of treatments and it is also good for days of really good exercise workouts. It helps your body utilize the fat stored in your blood and deposits more readily for energy to fuel workouts (get to burning stage faster).

Psyllium seed husk/fiber promotes a high fiber diet- take one capsule on the days you CAN’T eat well. This supplement will help move digestion and toxins along.

*Supplements such as Psyllium Fiber capsules (or in any form) can be taken on days when you have consumed too much (especially junk food).

A reduction in your sugar intake will also increase the water-flushing phase. You should always carry a water bottle with you to the treatment and whenever you can.

Drink plenty of water, increase fiber in diet and physical activity. The rate that which your body re- contours is essentially up to YOU! We will help break down the fat but it’s up to YOU to FLUSH and EXPEL!!! Now you are ready to start, relax and enjoy some water and ENJOY!

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