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These massage treatments are not available to walk-in patients.
They are only part of the pre-laser package to prepare the skin for more safe and effective laser treatments. Try looking for Salon services here. Hermitage – At the Beach Salon & Spa: 724-981-7866
Bethel Park – Your Personal Image: 412 833 5666
Pittsburgh – PureBeauty Salon and Spa: 412 282 8400
Monroeville – Massage and Electrolysis: 412 956 7554*Additional Salon & Spa recommendations upon request.


Massage treatments are used to relieve stress and promote deep states of relaxation that can aid the body’s natural healing process. Massage intends to put the body in its optimal state to promote its own healing, relieve pain, promote well being and thus help balance the spirit. Whether looking for relief from a physical ailment or mental distress.


A combination of Swedish massage and special techniques to affect the deeper layer of muscle. Relieves muscle tension, chronic pain, and soreness and provide the ultimate physical release.
60 minutes – Only $89


Anyone engaged in athletic activity can benefit from this bodywork before or after training. As a pre-event session, this vigorous treatment can enhance circulation and flexibility. Post-event massage can prevent soreness and relieve muscle spasms.
60 minutes – Only $79


Classical European massage techniques applied to muscle groups. Designed to alleviate inflammation, reduce injury and maintain muscles in their best state of relaxation and flexibility to achieve greater endurance, strength, and stamina. Rebalance your body.
60 minutes – Only $69


We offer a comprehensive On-Site Wellness solution such as massage treatments for muscles and mind, workforce, and management. Schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits your place of business – visits guaranteed to keep your employees productive, energetic and feeling good about themselves and their careers. A good massage is a great perk and generally pays for itself in productivity and positive energy.

Booking Options: We are flexible to fit into your workplace environment. We will come to you at a time that is convenient, with minimal disruption (Many clients are even happy to get their 10-20 minute massage during their lunch break).

3 central booking opportunities our clients use:
The company pays 100% or Employees pay 100%
OR Company subsidizes a percentage of the costs and each employee contributes the balance
Only $1 per minute with a 3 Hour minimum

Call Body Beautiful Med Spa and Skin Center for more information and pricing 724-987-3221

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