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Holiday specials have arrived! Check out these amazing deals on many of our top treatments. It’s the perfect time to shop for someone special or pick up something for yourself.

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Black Friday Specials

Body sculpting

60% off

Body sculpting is a non-invasive procedure using cryolipolysis to eliminate fat cells and contour many or multiple areas of the body.

*For a limited time only

Hair Removal

Buy 1 Area get 2 free

Laser services when you buy a new area

The Laser Hair Removal Systems used here at Body Beautiful are FDA approved and are the GOLD STANDARD in laser hair reduction. Proven to deliver safe, effective treatments on all skin types (Fitzpatrick l-IV) with broadest range hair colors. When purchasing multiple areas must buy the largest area at full price.

*For a limited time only

Teeth Whitening

3 Sessions $129 usually $297

Professional teeth whiteners have the ability to whiten dramatically, and most importantly, are ADA tested and approved. Teeth whitening is easier and more effective than in the past.

*For a limited time only


$199 usually $299

The newest technology out for microneedling is microneedling “pens.” The pens have disposable cartridges with 12 needles that poke hundreds of micro-holes in the skin with the ability to adjust to different depths and speeds to focus repair depending on exactly what you’re treating.

*For a limited time only

2 to 3 passes

2 Areas $149 usually $350

Our process offers comfortable and effective pulses of concentrated light, which are the best treatment option to clear, eliminate or treat these multiple conditions.

*For a limited time only

Xeomin or Jeuveau

2 Areas $199 up to 20 units

This natural option helps lower the possibility of patient’s experiencing negative side effects. Xeomin is a clinically proven injectable that removes frown lines while leaving facial expressions looking natural.

*For a limited time only


Get $200 OFF

Kybella is the first and only FDA approved an injectable treatment that removes unwanted submental, neck fat. Kybella is now the top non-invasive option for treating this type of issue. Fat from the chin was earlier completely treated with invasive methods such as facelifts or liposuction which are nevertheless an exceptional alternative option.

*For a limited time only

Spider Veins

1 Session $149 usually $350

The revolutionary laser treatment will safely and quickly remove spider veins and vessels. Bruising and redness that comes with other laser treatments are very mild and you will leave looking smooth and fresh.

*For a limited time only

Dysport and Botox

$70 OFF call for details

Dysport significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring a natural reversal in aging. Minimum of 3 areas.

*For a limited time only